EAA Chapter 484 Members

Currently we have 26 members. There are approximately 20 active members that attend monthly meetings and participate in our Young Eagles program.

A few of our members are in the middle of building airplanes. Others are airplane owners and volunteer for the Young Eagle flights.

Our club meets on the 2nd Friday of each Month in our Club room at the Calaveras Airport. Social starts at 6pm, dinner at 6:30, meeting to follow.

Club Leadership

Rick Torres - President
Kathy Zancanella - Tresurer
Dave Tanner - Vice President
Larry Mersek - Secretary

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Eric Cope

Retired Hawaiian Captain, CFI, CFII

Flies his Cessna 180 to his second home in Idaho.  Runs marathons!

Larry Mersek

Private Pilot ASEL, ASES

My flying time as a crew member with the USAF inspired me to become a general aviation pilot.  Having had many hours of local and cross country flights in my RV6 some of the most enjoyable have been flying kids with the  EAA Young Eagle Program at Calaveras Airport

Jim & Cheryl McCloud

Jim is an A&P Mechanic

Jim is the owner of Foothill Aviation. Maintenanc and Sea Plane School

Rob Davids

Captain, United Airlines, DPE

Rob flys his C-170 to work. When he's not flying at United, he is giving check rides!

Greg Price

Private Pilot

Private Pilot and part owner of a Cessna 172.

John Turner

Private Pilot

Greg Taylor

Private Pilot

Joyce Farrel

Private Pilot and enjoying retirement

I joined EAA and with a fellow member built a Quikie. In 2003, I started an Avid Mark IV kit project and finished in 2007 with lots help from members of EAA Chapter 484.

Mark Ohlau

ATP, Lighter Than Air, and A&P Mechanic

Blair White

Retired lawyer

Don & Sue Watts

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Sam Kittle

Marc & Barbara Barenfeld

Marc is a CFI

Flies his Bonanza for the Young Eagle program and provides instruction for the local pilots. 

Danny Thorall

Retired A&P and loves to ride his motorcyle

Built the RV that Larry Mersek owns.

Terry & Mike Hayes

Terry is a Sea Plane Instructor and Mike is a Private Pilot

Terry spends her summers in Montana instructing. Mike is the owner of the Angels Camp Veterinary Hospital.

Tom & Sara Ringlein

Tom is a retired TWA Captain. Rebuilt the Stearman

Russ Harmuth

A&P Mechanic

Owner of Spitfire Aircraft Co.

Greg Wyatt

Private Pilot

Retired Peace Officer and attending A&P School

Matt Ringlein

Air Tanker Captain at USFS / CPS

Barbara Wyatt

Captain, Delta Airlines

Retired KC135 Pilot. CFI,CFII

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